George Athor (RIP: RUST IN PIECES or Rest in Peace? ), How he was killed, and Why we should/n’t mourn or moan for him!

Mass Grave of Athor's February victims in Fangak. He claims his mission is "To unite the people of South Sudan and work against bad governance, sectarianism, insecurity..."

It is a fact undeniable that Gen. George Athor Deng killed is my uncle. It is also a fact undeniable that Gen. George Athor Deng killed my uncle. So should I/U mourn him in sorrow or just moan for him in sadism, as we continue?  This is a dilemma to many, but to me, it is not.

I am not a drunkard but I love the Pilsner Lager’s motto: IT IS GOT WHAT YOU WANT! This means the old adage: ‘as you lay your bed, so must you lie on it’. So when you drink blood of others, what will others do? As you dug their grave, so will they dig yours. This poetic justice has just happened to Gen. George Athor Deng.

In our African tradition, one would be labelled ‘witch’ if one smiles at the funeral of a dead person, even if that one was an enemy of the people, leave alone a relative. But against that odd, I hate George Athor and wished him death for the following reasons (and you?):

1- He allowed himself back to Khartoum and be used by the Jallaba to reverse what he has been fighting them for after 22 years.

2- He killed innocent mothers, children and fathers instead of Kuol Manyang and Gier Chuang, his sworn enemies.

3- George Athor advanced fake objectives and demanded foolish conditions for his peace talks.

4- The Late Athor Deng refused an amnesty as a gift from the new Republic even to those who get disappointed at the eleventh hour like Athor and Gatdet who just went back for a date with Khartoum in a Jetlink and returned to Juba in a Jetlink aeroplane.

5- George Athor lied that he was fighting, killing innocent civilians, because of Salva Kiir’s government corruption.

Gen. George Athor was killed while travelling from Rwanda through Uganda or DR. Congo to recruit in Equatoria, according to VP Dr. Riek Machar...???

Yet he was one of the generals who plundered our new nation. As the security budget is the highest in our National Budget, George benefitted from that and escaped with millions of SDGs. This includes my salaries as I was a founding editor of The Liberator (SPLA Magazine) under him when he was the Deputy Chief of General Staff for Moral Orientation (MO Directorate: SPLA GHQRs). So what corruption is he taking us back to Khartoum for?

6- Like Joseph Kony of the LRA, George Athor started a rebellion in his homestead and home state, and massacred his own relatives who do not understand the cause of his rebellion at the onset of our long-sought after Independence!

Click this link after completing this post to understand his first objectives before they were refined and united with other militias malicious groups.

All these, plus what you know and loathe about him, should not make us mourn him. His life is not equivalent to the ones of the thousands he has killed in a useless rebellion.

PUZZLE: Has anybody wondered why two rebellions are now crushed in the so-called Greater Equatoria Region? A distance between Morobo (if that is the true battlefield) is less than 100 kilometres from where Peter Abderahaman Sule was captured. Could it be the same rebellion he was going to host? Was Athor intending to capture Juba? How did he move from Jonglei/Northern Sudan to Rwanda through Uganda and Congo? Could there be some deals involved here and there?

Gen. George Athor who was killed near Uganda-Congo border on his way from Rwanda to recruit more soldiers from Equatoria Region!!!????

With the political prostitution going on between Khartoum and other African dictators and their countries, especially our East African neighbours that we are being enticed to join, be afraid, be very afraid! Was it not Rwanda that campaigned last month to admit Khartoum to EAC members, endorsed by Kenya and Burundi? Thanks to Uganda and Tanzania for humiliating Bashir and his dollar-stuffed stooges. Were they not the same leaders who declared and designated last week in Kampala in their so-called International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) the main Darfur freedom fighers (JEM & SLM) as anti-peace rebels (like LRA) and recommended and signed that they be fought off on behalf of Khartoum? I smell a rat in EAC here!.

Two days before his death, some rebel officers claimed he survived an assassination attempt in the SDA church in Pigi. Who says he prays? And in case he does, then to Whom? For whom? It is exactly like Joseph Kony of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) who pretends to rule with the Decalogue as his constitution. The Decalogue is a book of the Ten Commandments, which he all breaks. What an irony in tyranny?

Should somebody mourn the death of Kim Jong Il of North Korea? For me, I am not concerned but I am also concerned. Concerned because he permeates evil and permits the devil like Athor. Why do you think former US President George Bush referred to him and his North Korea as the Axis of Evil? Were you not bothered by his ideals of WMD and his deals with Khartoum, that supports Athor? Good ridden, they died the same day!

For me and my family, including the orphans of Jalle Massacre, Fangak Massacre, Akobo Massacre, etc. will mourn him with one eye and celebrate with another. I am going to attend his funeral service in his house in Juba and shed one line of bitter tears from the left eye and then one rivulet of sweeter tears from my right eye. Will you?


JUBA, Decemeber 20, 2011: The announcement of the death of Rebel Leader Gen. George Athor

VP Dr. Riek Machar, flanked by Info Minister, Dr. Marial Benjamin, in a press conference in Juba announcing the death of Gen. George.

Speaking to the press just this morning, Dr. Riek Machar, Vice President of South Sudan, said in a press conference, “On December 19th, 2011 an SPLA Border Patrol at Morobo County of Central Equatoria State clashed with elements that were in company of Lt. Gen. George Athor. This took place around 1800 Hours. George Athor and one other soldier were killed instantly.”

He explained that, “George Athor had infiltrated to the South Sudan borders, coming from Rwanda and driving through Eastern borders of Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC and Uganda. He was in a drive to recruit in Central Equatoria. His body will be handed over to his relatives for burial.”

“I appeal to all the followers of George Athor to heed to the amnesty and pardon declared by the President of the Republic on 9th July 2011. I also want to reiterate the commitment of the government to the Agreement reached between George Athor Forces/South Sudan Democratic Movement and the Government of the Republic of South Sudan on 19th November 2011,” Machar said.

“I call on all who rebelled against the government to lay down their arms and join the process of peace and development,” added the Vice President.

According to BBC, a spokesman for Mr Athor’s rebel group said he had spoken to his leader on Monday, but had not been able to reach him since then. He said it was possible Mr Athor had been in Rwanda for medical treatment, but he had no idea if he had been killed, or what he could have been doing in the area in which he reportedly lost his life. (This, I think, balances the story!)

This poem from my book, The Black Christs of Africa, fulfills George Athor’s situation right now, and acts as a warning to those who are still lingering behind his corpse and swearing to revenge, not on the SPLA soldiers but on their mothers.


Poem 41


They are crostitutes!


From south to north,

From east to west,


From south-east to north-west,

From north-east to south-west,


They do cross,

And crisscross,


Confusing us between here and there,

Confusing them between there and here,


Between north and south,

Between east and west.


With this rate of political prostitution

By means of geopolitical crostitution,


They are not prostitutes,

They are hot crostitutes!


Relevant Quote

Whoever wishes to avoid becoming dizzy must try to find out the swing’s law of motion. We seem to be faced with a pendulum movement in history, swinging from absolutism to democracy, from democracy back to absolute dictatorship. Arthur Koestler, Darkness at  Noon.


Poem 20


The Trouble Permit


To Whom it May Concern…

The Late Gen. Gatluak Gai, one of the South Sudanese Commanders-in-Thief and crostitutes who became dizzy and fell off the pendulum swing of the revolution


This is to certify

That the Sultan of Militialand,

And all his men of valour,


Have been issued with this permit,

To pass through any territory

Without delay or hindrance.


They have also been armed

With all types of guns and ammos,

To shield off any aggression,

While executing their mission.


Any reinforcement offered to them,

Shall not be interfered with.

And if done so, it shall be regrettable.

This orders come From Above.


Designed and Signed by

General Doubletrouble,

C-in-C of the Sultanate Armed Forces (SAF).


Relevant Quote

When a King has Dethron’d himself and put himself in a state of War with his People, what shall hinder them from prosecuting him who is no King?

John Locke (1632 – 1704) English philosopher. Second Treatise on Civil Government


Poem 21


Chiefdom of Militialand against Kingdom of Civiland


To H.E. Gen. Dr. Al Hajj,

Protector-General of the Chiefdom of Militialand.


Your Ex-cellency,




With due honour,

We hereby write to you

Condemning the horror

Your installed Commander-in-Thief

Of the Armed Forces of the Chiefdom of Militialand

Is unleashing on the people of the Kingdom of Civiland.

We have the names of the commanders of mischief,

And the atrocities thereof, sent in vain to US, UN, EU and AU.


Your Ex-cellency, mind you,

This letter is the last in our series of complaint,

And this marks the beginning of the end of warning,

Not forgetting the news that our forces are warming,

Warming up against any proxy war with zero restraint.

However, for Your Ex-cellency’s info, this isn’t that time

You used your Commander-in-Thief to administer a dime,

To partition our nation into Chiefdom of Militialand against Civiland.


Finally, restrain your marauding stooges

Gen. Peter Gate-date (Gatdet) Yak who defected to and fro between SPLA and SAF 11 times made his last trip after Independence after he defected by Jetlink and returned by Jetlink airlines.

Before they undergo the wrath of this Land in stages.


From Commander-in-Chief,

The Armed Salvation of  the Kingdom of Civilland.

Cc. General Doubletrouble,

C-in-C of the Sultanate Armed Forces.


Relevant Quote

The great battleground for the defense and expansion of freedom today is the whole southern half of the globe…Their revolution is the greatest in human history. They seek an end to injustice, tyranny, and exploitation. More than an end, they seek a beginning.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917 – 1963) U.S. president. Supplementary State of the Union Address