Should the SPLM/A arrange a funeral or throw a party for the Late Col. Muamar Gaddafi?

Adieu Col. Gaddafi (RIP: Rest in Peace (then), Rust in Pieces)!!!

If we come to matters about the innocence of Col. Muammar Gaddafi (RIP), I would rather we mourn him now for 21 days, then we celebrate his death thereafter. To us in South Sudan (Maybe elsewhere in Africa), he is a blessed-cursed intruder. So if I were a gatekeeper at the Heaven/Hell Junction, I would give him a 21-day long permission chit to Paradise, then an indefinite permission ‘shit’ to Hell thereafter. Why? Learn here or google him on any idea in case you have not been following his craze race around the world.

Col. Gaddafi begs an NTC soldier to forgive him

In Okot P’Bitek’s ‘Song of Lawino’, I like this warning: Don’t uproot a pumpkin from an old homestead. Of late, I have not been a fan of the Late Col. Gaddafi. However, who in our African tradition would celebrate and trample over the body of the dead? That was so barbaric of the Libyan rebels. When someone is dead, he is gone and the body becomes that of a human being, like mine and yours and theirs. So why play around with a lifeless body?

Well, that is not the issue now. The issue is should the SPLM/A (call it South Sudanese) celebrate with the West or mourn with the rest? For me, we should do both. Then which one first? Of course in an ascending order, let us mourn him this week, or hereafter, then celebrate his death next week, or thereafter. Why?

One, he helped founded the Republic of South Sudan. Two, he helped sabotaged the founding of the Republic of South Sudan. You see the confusion.

How Col. Gaddafi Helped founded our nation:

Gaddafi's body being mocked by mob justice after the shoot out

In 1983, oil was kilometres deep beneath the soil, and Osama Bin Laden (RIP) was still undergoing training in USA. So the Americans (the Clintons, the Bushes, the Obamas, etc.) had nothing to do with us, genocide or no genocide. The only person who sympathized with us was Col. Muamar Gaddafi. He gave us lots of Kalashnikovs and ,money, and even rented for us a one space office into which Dr. John Garang de Mabior and company crammed the whole government of SPLA/SPLM (including the ministries of today). That office and the airtime of 3.00PM hired from the Mengistu Haille Mariam’s radio (both in Addis) made the nucleus of our today’s Republic.

Gaddafi’s words: “South Sudan I had my own opinion on it since a very long time ago and the days of Joseph Lagu and days of Garang [late SPLM chief]” Gaddafi was quoted by the official Libyan official news agency (JANA). “It [South Sudan] was in reality attached and became part of Sudan due to the colonial divisions that we talked about. Colonialism created a new map and new people according to its interests and wherever its armies reached,” he added.

“I told them my brothers that even if you secede I will support your independence. Why? Because you don’t speak Arabic; your language is English and your language is local. Your religion is not Islam; you are animists and some of you are Christians. You are from another side not from Sudan, different from Darfur and Nubia and East Sudan and Khartoum,” Gaddafi said.

God bless Col. Muamar Gaddafi! Amen!

How Gaddafi almost stopped our baby nation from being born

'Cockroaches and Rats smoking out Gaddafi from their own holes as one 'cockroach is preparing a gas

You see, that is why I wrote on my blog above like this: “In fact, I really enjoy politics; but when some wannabes play poly-tricks, i would rather I were their hangman!” So when Gaddafi turned round to abort us just one year to our political maternity, I had no problem participating in slashing off one of his ears like Simon Peter, the Disciple did to one of Jesus’s Judases. Now. I am one of the guys that can enjoy the feast for bye-byeing Col. Gaddafi in Bilpam (Juba) should the SPLA spend some millions in celebrating his going.

This is what Gaddafi said about our independence just a few months after saying the above statements and a days to our freedom. “You will be a very weak state and you will need someone to support you from outside and you will be colonized either by the US, China or Europe…or Israelis” he said.

“Whoever that will colonize you will oppress you and take your wealth and lie to you telling you that he will help you and your independence and that you are newborn state,” Gaddafi added.

Gaddafi said that since this is South Sudan “destiny” then he recommends that they remain with united Sudan saying it is better than being independent “under the protection of other imperialist or Zionist powers. Click here for full story. “,32235

Gaddafi told South Sudan in 2009: You'll be a very weak nation and foreigners will enjoy your country

Poor Prophet of Doom that only saw a speck in South Sudan’s eye and left a log in his Libyan eye, now that we are independent, and not only that but also able to rule ourselves unlike his Libya, who will condemn me if I throw a party to say Fare thee well Muamar Gaddafi! Bashir and the company of African leaders who want to be Kings of Kings of Africa, watch out! And watch this space for news about your funeral or farewell ceremony.

For your further reading, click this link to find out who had joined Gaddafi, Bashir, Derby, Aferweki, Ping, Ki-moon, etc. in trying to postpone our referendum last time.

God blast Gaddafi!

This poem from my other upcoming book “The Jongley Jongleur & Other Pennets” was written two months ago before Gaddafi met his predicted end. Look at it carefully….

The Tripling Trip to Tripoli

“Crush them!”

AK47 rattles: rat-a-tat-tat!

Gaddafi then smells the rat

As the battalions of the roaches

Begin to declare their approaches

He gropes the way to the holes of the moles

while the coalition swaps with him the roles

Which aren’t any longer sweet

‘Zenga Zenga: street by street,

From House to house:

And mouse to mouse,

Catch them!