BRIBALISM: a hybrid hype and type of corruption born with the Reap-public of South Sudan!

SHUT UP B4 U R SHUT DOWN! Corruption is a contagious disease that makes a mouth (an eating organ) cancerously grow anyhow, anywhere, everywhere, anytime and even everytime in any part of our societies (bodies). So dear fellow youth of the South, be careful how you raise your hands up against this d/evil, lest they copy and paste one big mouth on your criticizing palm so that (I quote), "YOUNG BOY, SHUT UP BEFORE YOU'RE SHUT DOWN!", warned one big uncle to me 2 years ago.

Let me have you told, with corruption, I have no monkey business with its definition. In fact, as a nation is born, a new notion is born, born with new terms, new styles of providing services: i.e. services through novices. As you move here and there, you would see a lot of money going on monkey businesses headed by manky monkeys driving on lanky donkeys.

Bravo our ‘Baby Nation’! Born with a lot of stuff, including versatile oil and fertile soil, which are spoiled under not toil. The two, that are rarely found in any country are found in ours; with the soil suspending on the lake of oil, we are yet set to see more miracle millionaires. Yes, through corruption, corrupiopn in a brand new hybrid fornm— very typical of us. What is it

Bribalism! Like many viruses mingled with anti-viruses over a generation ago, we are now implicated in the most complicated form of a virus: HIV, and its offspring, Aids! I mean Bribalism, which  is a simple math of tribalism blended with bribery.

Arithmetically speaking, it is Tribalism  + Bribery = Bribalism.

How the stuff works. Bribalism is born like this. A leader ascends a ladder through s/election, and is given all keys to appoint their relatives, friends or acquaintances (the recommended ones), hence disappoints the rests,
among them me! These platoons of kin and kith come along with their businesses: one type a monkey business in the government office and another type a money business in the company office. Yeah, when they ‘win’ contracts, the underlying objective is not to supply dura to save the hungry people who would vote them in tomorrow. Rather this way, it is to design stamps and stamp some photoshopped stuffs: ‘paid’ or ‘delivered’. Then, instead, the quick cash is used now to buy beers and daily meals to buy votes from the starving sods. If not that, then this.

You appoint more tribeswo/men who get access to wealth, then you tell them to sing you songs of a hero type by means of a positive stereotype. By such numbers in public places, you now bribe your tribe into washing you, even if it means attacking prisons to break you out or writing ‘Letters to the President’ through our copy-and-paste media, or sending a delegation of elders with a bunch of allegations against Camp B. Through this and many other ways not mentioned here, bribalism is born out of bribery and tribalism. Yes, I have seen already the new (‘new’ means recycled in SS) brooms are even getting the bug at its preliminary stage that I can now call
‘try-balism’. They try it out with trivialism, say, with petty petty deals which do not amount to corruption, yet. Yet that is how it grows. And even if they amount, then, they are marred by mega deals or barred by mega dealers.

I hear they are being forced to show how they got their buildings, cars and petrol stations. Over their bodies, who do you bet will dare to declare? Even if one hare had to dare and volunteer to declare bare all her or his belongings, right from the air fare, they will play the usual cowboy trick, and win the game, and get away with the goal by a hat trick as usual from the ‘Auntie Corruption Commission’. I tell you, some of them have mastered this political soccer like Manchester United. They need a new team teeming with new rules, and even rename them ‘Man-chaser United’ Commission against this Men-chests-are-United Club.

“I am committed to setting a new standard for transparency and accountability in our public finances and in setting a new standard for public officials. Beyond the 100 day action already launched, I will take five critical steps as a visible sign of the new government’s commitment.”

Back to the open rumour, which is no humour to both of us, the cheats and the cheated. I hear they will be forced to declare their wealth. I bet by my health, it is as im/possible as requesting you to declare your other parts!  But our Big Man has chosen to execute it in this way as the baton was passed behind to be taken to the finishing point by his First Runner up against his firsts ‘runners down’, as read on y/our government rediffusion set (call it SSTV) a few days ago, thus.

“We will enforce the obligation of all public officials to publish their income and financial assets. We will provide an opportunity of an anonymous return account for civil servants and public officials to return any diverted funds, obligating them to publish their assets from the date of independence,” he (the president) added.

Well, I am beaten to pulp my the mis/interpretation of this statement, except the phrase with the ‘date’. Ati… ‘from the date of independence’! That’s how much wealth accumulated just within 74 days? How
about from the date of CPA, sir? Unless His Excellency is talking about the other brewing biggest scandal of the year, the 94 million SSG for Independence Celebration! Ssssh, it’s supposed to be whispered, for we the porters or the supporters of the celebration day have not even received our donkey salaries, yet. Some small man, taken from us to sit among the Bigs is ever saying (on phone as usual since such phoney issues are not discussed in meetings), “Ssssh, they’ve not released they workers’ arrears, yet!”  Yes, and we are supposed to believe it like ‘Islam’ till we realize it when the keys can no longer unlock the door to the paradise.

As for big contractors to local contractors, I have no comment today, especially on the Dura Deals, the Maize Maze, and other mega deals that left us seeing with our mouths instead. But I can only leave it not without a comment from the big secretary of the money ministry.

Our parents used to tell us, "Don't bite what you cannot swallow!" Could this be the case why our government is investing in foreign firms, which come with nothing but go with something?

“It’s a real concern for us and we would like to see more money paid to local contractors to contribute to economic growth,” Salva Garang Mabiordit, Undersecretary in the Ministry of Finance and
Economic Planning, told Sudan Tribune on Tuesday.

Well, what matters is not the capacity of the local companies, but the legality. Some turn out be ghosts created from within the very ministry. Let’s wait and see from the Ramciel deals. But first serve your eyes with Central governor’s contradiction on the mode of contraction, the old notion that ‘you are not able to govern yourselves’.

“The government has always wanted to assist local contractors but the problem has always been with local contractor themselves. Only very few can afford to undertake huge developmental projects. Most of the time the government tries to contact local contractors before so as to see how we could help you join forces and take part of the big projects,” said Wani responding to allegations from local contractors who said they were being sidelined.

Dear reader, there is more space left here for the next critique, which is to look into “The Pillars and Caterpillars (Advantages and Disadvantages) of Corruption“.

Finally, you know why I cannot define this thing here. It should be defined by all of us (because from our experience, once one gains, the other pains). In my poetry book, I just describe it, but first answer this Opinion Poll….

Poem 74

It Should Be Defined           

It should be defined

It shouldn’t be refined

It shouldn’t be divined.

It erupts,

It disrupts,

It interrupts;

Like pregnancy

In its stagnancy,

Its malignancy

Is the enemy

Of our economy,

Of our autonomy.

Bulging like anthill,

It takes us uphill

And makes us ill.

It’s a dis-ease,

A deadly disease,

Of no cease for decease.

An ulcer,

A cancer,

A canker…

Relevant Quote

“We have a cancer within, close to the Presidency, that is growing. It is growing daily.”  John
Dean (1938 – ) U.S. presidential counsel, 1973.  From a taped conversation with the president, Richard Nixon. Referring to the Watergate Scandal.