Breaking News: LIST OF GRoSS CABINET, 2011

At last, at least, the list, the long awaited list is now out! To the high sigh of those who were subjected to 50 days of political Ramadhan and economic lent — me included — though not a minister nor even a mini-star.

Congratulations to President Kiir Mayardit for this cabinet set up. I don’t care if my uncle is hired or fired, after all, am not ‘uncled’ in any public office of South Sudan. My readers of this season, the reason I congratulate our leader for all these leaders of ours is not personal. It is national. What might be a bit personal about it is on behalf of the ministers, especially the ones who were reduced from the full ministers to caretaker ministers (demoted) after the celebration; and most importantly my condolences to those who are now reduced to scare-taker ministers (dropped). Kafara kum!

However, to whoever is now demoted and then promoted as I am seeing on SSTV at the moment, CONGS!Whether or not each of them has the certificate, diploma or degree, they all have one common ‘Degree’ (as pronounced by SSTV news anchor– thank God, the SSTV also didn’t survive the ‘rest warrant’ which the announced after this list), meaning Decree Number 29/2011 appointing the ministers as follows…

(NB: for myself: Special Congratulations to Mr. Atem Yaak Atem, no longer ‘far away from the war’! Why? Good news to MEDIA!)

List of National Ministers


Ministry of Cabinet Affairs Mr. Deng Alor Kuol


Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs Gen. John Kong Nyuon


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Mr. Nhial Deng Nhial


Minister, Office of the President Mr. Emmanuel Lowilla


Minister for National Security, Office of the President Gen. Oyay Deng Ajak


Ministry of Justice Mr. John Luk Jok


Ministry of Interior Gen. Alison Manani Magaya


Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs Mr. Michael Makuei Lueth


Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning Kosti Manibe Ngai


Ministry of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development Ms. Awut Deng Acuil


Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Mr. Garang Diing Akuang


Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin


Ministry of Health Dr. Michael Milly Hussein


Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Betty Achan Ogwaro


Ministry of Roads and Bridges Mr. Gier Chuang Aluong


Ministry of Transport Ms. Agnes Poni Lokudu


Ministry of General Education and Instruction Ustaz Joseph Ukel Abango


Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba


Ministry of Environment Mr. Alfred Lado Gore


Ministry of Housing and Physical Planning Ms. Jemma Nunu Kumba


Ministry of Telecommunication and Postal Services Mr.Madut Biar Yel


Ministry of Petroleum and Mining Mr. Stephen Dhieu Dau


Ministry of Electricity and Dams Mr. David Deng Athorbei


Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare Ms. Agnes Lasuba


Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Mr. Joseph Lual Acuil


Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation Mr. Paul Mayom Akec


Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism Mr. Gabriel Changson


Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro


Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports Dr. Cirino Hiteng Ofuho

List of Deputy Ministers

1 Cabinet Affairs Mr. Wek Mamer Kuol
2 Defence and Veteran Affairs Dr. Majak Agot Atem
3 Foreign Affairs Ms. Grace Daterio
4 International Cooperation Prof. Elias Nyamlel Wako
5 Justice Mr. Paulino Wanawila Onango
6 Interior Mr. Salva Mathok Gengdit
7 Finance Mr. Marial Awou
8 Finance Ms. Mary Jervas Yak
9 Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development Mr. Kwong Danhier Gatluak
10 Commerce, Industry and Investment Mr. Kengen Jakor
11 Information and Broadcasting Mr. Atem Yak Atem
12 Health Dr. Yatta Loli Lugar
13 Agriculture and Forestry Mr. Beda Machar Deng
14 Roads and Bridges Mr. Simon Majok Majak
15 Transport Mr. Mayom Kuoc Malek
16 General Education and Instruction Ms. Rebecca Joshua Okwaci
17 Higher Education, Science and Technology Ustaz Gabriel Kuc Abyei
18 Environment Mr. Philip Palet Gadin
19 Housing and Physical Planning Ms. Mary Nyawulang
20 Telecommunication and Postal Services Ms. Bettrice Khamisa Wani
21 Petroleum and Mining Ms. Elizabeth James Bol
22 Electricity and Dams Ms. Rhoda David Alak
23 Gender, Child and Social Welfare Dr. Priscilla Nyanyang Joseph
24 Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Ms.Sabina Dario Okolong
25 Animal Resources and Fisheries Ms. Nadia Arop Dudi
26 Water Resources and Irrigation Mr. Ali Keti Ochie
27 Wildlife Conservation and Tourism Mr. Obuch Ojwok


Knowing that not all those who call Jesus ‘Beny, Beny’ (Lord, Lord), will qualify for the Kingdom of Heaven, not all who called Salva ‘Beny, Beny!’ have come back to GRoSS. Some have escorted GOSS. Check the following list for who is missing….!!!

Ministrerial Portfolios and Ministers (Caretaker list before and after Independence).

Defence                                                                      – Nhial Deng Nhial
Finance and Economic Planning                            – David Deng Athorbei
Cabinet Affairs                                                          – Kosti Manibe
Justice                                                                        – John Luk Jok
Foreign Affairs                                                          – Deng Alor Kuol
Information                                                                – Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin
Peace and CPA Implementation                           – Pagan Amum Okiech
Office of the President                                             – Dr. Cirino Hiteng Ofuho
Interior                                                                          – Gier Chuang Aluong
Parliamentary Affairs                                               – Michael Makuei Lueth
Investment                                                                 – Oyai Deng Ajak
Labour and Public Service                                      – Awut Deng Acuil
Health                                                                         – Dr. Luka Tombekana Monoja
Agriculture                                                                 – Dr. Ann Itto Leonardo
Roads and Transport                                               – Anthony Lino Makana
General Education                                                    – Dr. Michael Milli Hussein
Higher Education, Science and Technology         – Joseph Ukel Abango
Commerce and Industry                                          – Stephen Dhieu Dau
Environment                                                              – Isaac Awan Maper
Housing and Physical Planning                             – Jemma Nunu Kumba
Communication and Postal Services                    – Madut Biar Yel
Energy and Mining                                                   – Garang Diing Akuong
Gender, Child and Social Welfare                          – Agnes Kwaje Lasuba
Human Resource Development                               – Mary Jarvis Yak
Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management – James Kok Ruea
Irrigation and Water Resources                              – Paul Mayom Akech
Wildlife Conservation and Tourism                        – Abdallah Albert
Animal Resources and Fisheries                             – Nyaluk T Gatluak
Youth, Sports and Recreation                                – Makuac Teny Youk
Culture and Heritage                                                 – Gabriel Changson Chang
Minister without Portfolio                                       – Dr. Pricilla Nyanyang