POETIC JUSTICE: “Rats and Cockroaches have entered the city!” admits Gaddafi.

Weakleak: If I were Col. Muammar Gaddafi, I would ‘smell the rats’ and quit the room before they come and humiliate me the Saddam way. I should have learned the lessons from Ben Ali (Tunisia), Mubarak (Egypt), Saddam (Iraq), Bin Laden (World), Bashir (Sudan)… name them.

Oops Sorry! CORRECTION: Bashir is yet to follow, but is now busy preparing the ground by openly bombing his people. What I hate with all those leaders is the way they undermine others: the power of their own people to the extent of attracting the power of the foreign people to kind of intervene! I mean them ‘NATOs’ coming to test their idle weapons in Africa.

.“We order the armed forces to carry on its operations and not to stop until South Kordofan is purged as Abyei was purged before, and Abdel Azizi is arrested and brought to trial." These words from Bashir look like the 'zenga zenga' or crush them of Gaddafi as seen in the picture of two Nuba girls crushed by Bashir on June 27 in Kurchi village of Kadugli.

Col. Gadhafi now admits: "COCKROACHES AND RATS HAVE ENTERED THE CITY! ZENGA ZENGA, KICK THEM, CRUSH THEM, KILL THEM...!" In the picture, one of the RATS or ROACHES is telling him: "...Do Me...Do U..." In the picture right are two of the Bashir's 'rats or roaches' crushed in Nuba Mountains in June this year. Next is Bashir to the Hague.

The Tripling Trip to Tripoli

“Crush them!”

AK47 rattles: rat-a-tat-tat!

Gaddafi then smells the rat

As the battalions of the roaches

Begin to declare their approaches

He gropes the way to the holes of the moles

while the Coalition swaps with him the roles

Which aren’t any longer sweet

“Zenga Zenga: street by street,

From House to house:

And mouse to mouse,

Catch them!”

  Source of the poem: “The Jonglei Jongleur: and other Pennets” By J. Penn de Ngong

Poem 30

Death from Above

'Death from Above' in Lybia

Earth and Heaven

Are far apart.

Death and life

Hate each other and part.

Death is the Earth’s son

Life is the Heaven’s daughter.

They do no intermarriage.

Somebody from Heaven,

Tried to bridge the divide,

To reconcile both extremes,

By just diving into the earth

The aerial rains described in the poem

And spending only three days

Doing his mobilization down there,

And escaped up in full,

So that we do likewise.

But we do it otherwise.

My father and siblings,

Are still in their eternal sleep deep down.

Never like Jesus have they resurrected all whole,

And said farewell through their firewall

On their way up one day.

One day I saw earth and heaven

This is what happened when heaven and earth forces meet

And good and evil lock horns

In a bitter scramble for man.

Four years to the end of the 20th Century,

In Lobone displaced people’s haven,

Death came calling from heaven,

Carried by a metallic eagle,

That spread its fiery faeces

Over the scampering camp

Tomahawk Missiles: Real 'Death from Above'

And onto our cramping faces.

We joined moles in the holes

To look for life in the earth below,

Since death captured the heavens above.

Them who remained up

Met death from above.

A mother ,old, and a month-old,

Were shared half-half

Between death and life,

As we, having readily been buried,

Resurrected from our temporary grave

In a scene where death and life

And earth and heaven

Had been wrestling for human.

The trunk of the baby and her mother’s breast,

Dangled from the trunk of a tree and hardly breathed,

Still screaming for the rest of their abdomens

That were kicking away a little gas of life,

This picture from Nuba Mountains reminds me of similar incident in Lobone as in the poem

In a hot hole smouldering from below,

An early abyss of the Sahell Republic.

Our end question was,

Did Christ reconcile the Earth and Heaven,

Forget life in the soil below,

Shed death off into the air above,

And carried his body into the paradise beyond?

Are we, the original inhabitants of Africa,

Being crucified child-and-mother,

Dismembered and scattered yonder,

Onto the twigs of our trees,

Inspecting the damage

By Mujahedeens’ Antonov,

Just for being Black Christs in Africa?

Source: The Black Christs of Africa. By the same author.

Relevant Quote

Khartoum, she said, was bombing the refugees as they walked north-west of Sobat
river.  Army plane had also bombed Nasir and its hospital on 14 May and again on 15 May (1991). Thirty-six people were dead. Dozens more were wounded…

‘The whole air stank. It was just nothing – like the only form of life was sort of buzzards and stray dogs. And just everywhere were dead cows, dead people, people hanging upside down in trees,’ Alastair later told me. They had to keep driving off the road to avoid all the bodies. They saw three children tied up together with their heads smashed in. they saw disembowelled women. Alastair took pictures. At Bor, the huts were still smouldering. They had to cover their faces to breathe inside the hospital where Bernadette Kumar had once operated.
A soldier’s body was rotting inside, and the floors were heaped with the cattle carcasses.

Deborah Scroggins, Emma’s War (Page 260)

Bor Massacres, 1991.

NOT FOR BOR: Recording and Reporting the casualties of the massacre

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