COMMANDER-IN-SHIFT: Gen. Gatdet Jets In For The Umpteenth-Time Defection In History!

Gen. Peter Gatdet addresses his SPLA troops before he created his own recently

Just about three months from his defection from Juba and after a temporary date with Khartoum for the fifteenth time, ‘Gen. Gat-date’ (Peter Gatdet Yak) had to jet in by Jetlink from Nairobi yesterday, just less than a week after Gen. Salva Kiir repeated his amnesty chorus for the umpteenth time.

I wonder if Gen. Kiir was not aware that this type of a commander-in-chief is a ‘commander-in-shift’, whose CV looks like a shipping waybill with numerous to-and-fro trips in between the South and the North of the Sudan. To be more off-scene, if not obscene, it is like welcoming ‘Gen. Lucifer’ back to Heaven and keeping that idol idle on the reserve list!

Does Kiir think Gatdet will spend a year without another swing? It could just take a schoolboy sort of analyst to glance on the general’s live history (his ongoing life stories) and then accurately predict how many rounds of defection are left with the balance of his age. If I were Salva Kiir, I would not waste my time and dime on Gatdet Yaka. I thought we have learned enough on Gen. Matip here. I see more to regret on him soon!

Un/fortunately, this Gen. ‘GatDate’ came alone hardly a month after we beat him in the referendum ballot box declared on July 9 (just three weeks ago), leaving his whole army behind at Mayom County (an Upper Nile State’s county that has broken the record of hosting over 3 different rebel movements shooting one another ‘ashwahi’ (randomly) in  the world history). Problem with Gatdet is he just shoots first and aims later, no objectives but only objections.

Ironically, Gen. Gatdet’s latest date with Gen. Kiir’s emissaries in ‘Kibakiland or Railand’ (Nairobi) has been detected by the Mayom-based movement as a defection of their commander-in-Chief, and they allegedly replaced him with another self-crowned general thus:

However, a five-page press release purporting to be issued by SSLA said that the army was not part of the ceasefire and that Gadet and “his spokesman” reached a unilateral deal with President Kiir. The alleged rebel statement said their leader had defected and designated Maj. Gen. James Gai Yoach as new leader.”,39737

By the way, is that type of general (Gai Yoach) also immune from similar detection and defection virus? Let’s wait for their new future and seek from their near history. But I am afraid, I am also very afraid of our upcoming nation populated by such defection addicts!

And if so, it will make Gatdet’s upto the fifteenth to-and-fro defection since 1990s, according to recent report from SPLA. Who knows the other ‘teenth’, etc., and maybe one is underway. So this commander-in-Chief is now proven beyond doubt as a commander-in-Shift. This exactly fits my Poem No. 57 in my first book titled ‘The Black Christs of Africa’ of the ‘Politics in Poetics’ series, as copied and pasted here:

They are Crostitutes!

From south to north,

From east to west,

From south-east to north-west,

From north-east to south-west,

They do cross,

And crisscross,

Confusing us between here and

Confusing them between there and

Between north and south,

Between east and west.

With this rate of political

By means of geopolitical

They are not prostitutes,

They are hot crostitutes!

Relevant Quote:

“Whoever wishes to avoid becoming dizzy must try to find out the swing’s law of motion.
We seem to be faced with a pendulum movement in history, swinging from
absolutism to democracy, from democracy back to absolute dictatorship.”

Arthur Koestler in his Russian Revolution novel: Darkness at  Noon.

NB: Bravo to brother Peter Gatdet, and let it be the last time if he “wishes to avoid becoming dizzy and fails to follow the swing’s law of motion” and eventually falls out of the pendulum motion like the latest Late Gatluak Gai:,39615

The Late Gen. Gatluak Gai, one of the South Sudanese crostitutes who became dizzy and falls off the pendulum swing of the revolution

 PS: Readers may be interested in knowing the meaning of this expert rebel leader’s name: ‘Gatdet Yaka‘, I am told means ‘He-goat of Hyena’ or direct from Naath dialect as ‘Son of Goat for Hyena (the young one)’; and in my mother’s tongue as ‘Nyok de Angu (Angui)’ or even ‘Thok de Angui’! Wow, I will not elaborate more here as I am sure General Gatdet will not stop swinging until the day he becomes ‘Generally GotDead’ (God forbid)!