South Sudan No.5 on Terrorism Risk Index!!


Terrorism Risk Index: grey-No data; green-low risk; yellow-medium risk; orange-high risk; red-extremely high risk (Maplecroft)

Before it turns a month old, the Baby Nation (the Republic of South Sudan) is now facing the challenge of a six-killer childhood diseases, one of which is even equivalent to HIV/Aids in the world of diseases. Terrorism is a socio-political illness that has brought even the mightiest nation on earth on her knees. George W. Bush bears me witness on this.

Just in the third week of her age, South Sudan is ranked by world’s leading terrorism as in this report, “The new Terrorism Risk Index (TRI) ranks South Sudan as, internationally, the country fifth most at risk of acts of terrorism, by Maplecroft, a terrorism expert company in London.

To the citizens, denizens and residents of South Sudan, no question about why their new country is ranked fifth in the world. We can see it ourselves. We can see Al Shabaab here, we can see Oromo rebels here, we can see Tong-Tong (LRA) here, we can see Al Qaeda here, and our very own in the nation of South Sudan Liberation Army of Gatdet Yak, SSNRM of George Athor, that one of the Late Gatluak Gai…name them.

This is how we won that rank: “Somalia (1), Pakistan (2), Iraq (3),Afghanistan (4) and above (5), Yemen (6), Palestinian Occupied Territories (7), DR Congo (8), Central African Republic (9), Columbia (10), Algeria (11), Thailand (12), Philippines (13), Russia (14), Sudan (15), Iran (16), Burundi (17), India (18), Nigeria (19) and Israel (20).

The index factors in terrorist activities within the last 12 months, as well as the state’s historical propensity to terrorism.

And this is why we won that rank: Maplecroft states, “The country is rated as ‘extreme risk’ primarily due to the intensity of terrorist attacks, with an average of 6.59 fatalities per terrorist incident, almost three times that of Somalia at 2.23.”,39726

On this date, 09/09/09, exactly 12 months from the time Maplecroft started to compile the vulnerability features of the Terrorism Risk Index on Southern Sudan (now South Sudan), I wrote a warning article in my magazine, The Younique Generation, entitled: “How to Identify a Terrorist in Juba!” But my busy people, both the readers and the leaders of South Sudan, brushed it off as the usual much ado of John Penn and his fellows. Others, including the Somali friend, condemned me for racism or zenophobia (racial hatred), so I let them roar on, but not without publish the story on my column “My Brother’s Keeper” in The Younique Magazine (Page 18). To read a full story, click this link:

The youngest nation facing invasion by wrong investors of the world

Brushing shoulders with ‘terrorists’ in Juba

Every country, everyone, everything have their own 9/11; the only difference is that that day has either
or neither come. And it will come, unless we sleep with one eye and one ear
open—I mean be one another’s keeper. Security or insecurity, it is a product of
our own doing or of our own misdoing.

Aside from the September 11’s point of view, a terrorist is not necessarily a suicide bomber or any
serial killer, it is anybody who behaves in a queer and suspicious manner that causes others to panic or feel insecure. If so, then I have met them in Juba, haven’t you, too?

More details on the following link:

But first, enjoy the following poem that I wrote in May 2008 but lost in May 2011. Wrote why? Wrote because I had a vision about the shortest life of a chief terrorist by that time. Lost how? Lost because the prophecy of the killing of Bin Laden was fulfilled before my book was printed. Imagine if Jesus had to come back before the Bible was printed, who The Holy Book be relevant now?

Poem 152

Born in Satanistan

A badly disfigured head of Bin Laden after he was killed in 'Fuckistan' (Pakistan) and buried in 'Satanistan' (under the sea) according to Penn's Prophecy

Before you meet him hijacking,

Let me first introduce him to you.

His  name is Mr. Su Saeed Bomba,

Born  in the  Kingdom of Satanistan,

Trained, even in North Arm-merry-car,

And graduated in the city of Back-dead,

Self-employed in a city called Cut-tomb,

He invaded  the cosmic city of  New Yoke,

Banished but to  the region of Halfgunistan,

So, he vanished into the  hills of Terror Borer.

He’s been laden, and may be slain in Fuckistan,

And, good riddance, buried, again, in Satanistan!