My Tears for the Sudanese ‘Sarafina!’

Sarah and her sister, Fina, (Sarafina) young Nuba schoolgirls waiting for their fate with no first aid to their Russian-made Antonov bomber wounds sustained in the Kurchi village bombardment by SAF (Sudan Armed Forces) on June 27.

WEAKLEAK: My dears, I cannot control my tears — the balance of the tears I had saved for the Independence of South Sudan from North Sudan — now being drained off over the Dependence of South Kordofan on North Sudan!

Just as I am watching ‘Sarafina!’, a movie of schoolchild fighters being murdered by apathetic Apartheid police in Soweto, a shanty town of South Africa, on June 16, 1976, later declared as “African Child’s Day’, I have lost my last tears.

As I was watching the movie strategically put on SSTV (South Sudan Television), I was browsing through a traumatic scene of human flesh, fresh from the June 27 air bombardment of Nuba Mountains (Southern Kordofan’s) village of Kurchi, a modern ‘Soweto’ under the Islamist Apartheid of Omar al Bashir and Company.

And Company here includes his (Omar’s) fellow Hague’s candidate, who was mistakenly nominated for S. Kordofan’s candidate for governor. Ahmed Haroun, the man whose finger is dripping with children and women’s blood of Darfur, is again deployed (Bashir calls it ’employed’) in the Nuba Mountains to do his thing there again. May God dissolve the UN (UNMIS) who, instead of arresting him, offered him a free airlift in their UN hell-icopter, to do his thing among the innocent people of Nuba and Abyei in South Sudan (I know my geography, please).

May Him also speed up our countdown to independence so that they (Bashir & Haroun) are the next to net. Are the UN aware of what Bashir and his future inmate, Ahmed Haroun said? — thanks to,39397 , “Meanwhile, the state’s governor Ahmad Harun said that the government was fighting “a legitimate battle of self-defense” in South Kordofan. Addressing supporters on Friday in Kadugli, he said that government forces would not hesitate to use “any kind of weapon to defend the security of citizens.” 

Nuba girls badly dismembered by 'any kind of weapon' ordered by Khartoum Regime on Southern Kordofan people of Nuba, Kurchi village, June 27, 2011

Harun seems to have picked up from where his boss stopped with the following presidential decree, announced in Allah’s place on Friday in Khartoum, “We order the armed forces to carry on its operations and not to stop until South Kordofan is purged as Abyei was purged before, and Abdel Azizi is arrested and brought to trial.”,39422

Following that genocidaire’s statement, his bootlicker, the man’s mouthpiece had this fuel to add onto fire. I mean, Adam Al-Haj (Bashir’s political secretary) referred to Adam Al-Hillu (SPLM’s S. Kordofan candidate) as a ‘rebel’, “The NCP official went on to defend Al-Bashir’s description of Al-Hilu as a “rebel,” saying it is “true considering that he [Al-Hiluresorted to war in South Kordofan.”

Omar al Bashir seems to flag off his army to execute his orders: “We order the armed forces to carry on its operations and not to stop until South Kordofan is purged as Abyei was purged before, and Abdel Azizi is arrested and brought to trial."

And again, as usual, the same sycophant contradicted his boss’s military decree of intensifying the butchering of Nuba people with the following denial in the same speech, “We are now talking in political terms, the agreement is political and has no relation with the military affairs,” he said. “We in the NCP talk only on the political side, the military side concerns the armed forces.” So, if so, then why had the NCP leader to say this in military other then the claimed political terms? “We order the armed forces to carry on its operations and not to stop until South Kordofan is purged as Abyei was purged before, and Abdel Azizi is arrested and brought to trial.” In political terms, the NCP is negotiating a peaceful integration fo the SPLM (Nuba Mountains) , especially their leader, Abdelaziz Adam al Hilu, whereas in another military terms at the same time, “Abdelaziz is to be arrested and brought to trial.”

Now, how can ‘arrested and brought to trial’ go together with ‘invited and brought to the round table’? If you try to analyze Khartoum’s politics, you will grow old young or develop ulcers for nothing. So the best solution is just to avoid them. And “avoid them” here means secession as we are now doing. So shall the Nuba, the Darfur, the Abyei, the Blue Nile, etc…

With the Abyei and Nuba Massacres on the watching of ‘Watchington’, London and Beijing, I just understood why my next article will be on how to mobilize the world’s youths to also demobilize the world’s union through a wind of change ‘uprising’ the Egyptian way. Yes, yes! UN must be reformed; and if not, then disbanded altogether. And in case they insist because Ban Kimoon has just been re-elected for another term, then they should also be taken to ICC for genocide through negligence in Rwanda, Darfur, Abyei, Nuba, etc.

For this and other reasons, I give them (Ki-moons, Ki-suns, Ki-stars, etc. who sit in New Yoke Building permanently or impermanently in the name of In/Security Council) the following food for thought from Martin Luther King Jr.:

“History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.” And this one as well, “The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.

Civilians suround UNMIS truck for safety in Nuba Mountains (picture by UNMIS).

The UN are the cause of the post-referendum genocide in the Sudan. If not, then why did they turn down our proposal for a buffer-zone blue-helmet forces deployment along the (being) bombarded borders of Sudan last December? If they were not accomplices in the ethnic cleansing in Sudan, why the hell had the UN withheld the reinforcement to the Abyei and Nuba civilians to the extent (according to rumours) that they threw back to the SAF wolves the innocent people who fled to their (UN) compound for cover? Can anybody who is paid to keep the people safe, refuse to help the very people from being butchered at the gates of their compounds? Why the hell did the UN accept Bashir’s proposal of deploying the so-called peacekeepers (now peace skippers) on their racial and religious lines? Who said Egyptian soldiers can shoot at Bashir’s soldiers to stop the fire at the black Africans on the oil-scorched borders of Sudan? Who said so?

Nuba women driven into the caves by Bashir's 'death from above'. All pictures taken by Ahmed Hassan (Facebook).

A Nuba woman lying headlessly in the nearby bush from where she had run to take cover from Antonov bombs in Kurchi village.

I am out of words! However, I believe in one thing; Martin Luther King Jr. again: “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”  Having said that, I also have a dream; I have a dream that one day, Juba and Nuba will communicate not through ambassadors but through members of parliament. I recorded this dream in a nostalgic remembrance of one of my fellow freedom fighters (from Nuba Mounts) in the Jesh al Ahmr (of Palotaka), included in my poetry book, yet to be published when I get rich, ‘The Black Christs of Africa’, thus:

Poem 20, Chapter 3

Demanding the freedom of his people: Abdelaziz al Hilu, 'the sweetheart' for the Nuba (SPLM) candidate whose election was rigged in favour of Ahmed Harun, the Hague (NCP) candidate, causing protest from the Nuba people who were encountered with deadly force by the NCP (SAF).

To Tutu

My dear friend, Tito Tutu,

Where is our bro, Kuwa Kuku?

Now, I do share my tukul with Tuku,

And so do Dudu and her brother Duku.

Remember how nostalgic and strategic the hills of Kakwa and Kuku!

Did you hear? I crossed to the immediate land of Juju and met Tuju.

I can’t recall but regret why and how we parted,

I can’t remember where and when you departed.

What I know is you were led all the way from Nuba Mountains by Emma Tong,

To join me in 1990 in a course for a cause in the darkly bambooed Imatong.

Do you know how and when the ranges of Nuba and Juba will ever meet?

Me, I do, in/after 2011 – by means of ballot or bullet – the duo must greet!

“We need a common enemy to unite us.”


Former US Secretary  of State.

Other pictures from the same source:

Children killed by the same attack on Nuba

Kurchi village after the Nuba was bombed to ashes by Bashir

Yet another bomb victim by Bashir!

Another Antonov victim by Bashir