CONGRATULATIONS: Sudan now ranked No.3 among the 177 failed states on earth!

For the last couple of months, I have been blocked so I have not blogged my favourite ‘website’, call it weepsite. Now, I am back; back with bad news after three months; of course, Sudan is number 3! It has failed! Like this…

H.E. Pagan Amum is our most accurate political prophet, if not a prophet of doom. He prophesied
like this last year, “Sudan is a failed state.” This angered President Omar al Bashir to the extent of threatening court action on Mr.Pagan, the then Minister of Cabinet Affairs in Bashir’s Government of Nationaln Unity.

No sooner had Pagan resigned (or was he being fired) than the government (GONU) turned into
Government of National Disunity (GOND, now GONE – Government of National Enmity!).

As a result, Sudan is now ranked (or was it demoted) to the 3rd position out of 177
failed nations of the world in 2011 according to the Foreign Policy Magazine
(USA), sourcing its data from Peace Funds. To put it even better, Sudan is
among the best 5 on the top of the worst states on earth! Meaning what?

When Mr. Pag’an said that, Mr. Bashir called a kaffir or a pagan (or call it an infidel) in
Bashir’s political religion. So Bashir can now promote Pagan from kaffir to
nebi (or why not imam?).

So why and how did it fail?






Indicators of a failed state

12 factors are used by Fund For Peace to ascertain the status of a country.


  • Mounting demographic pressures.
  • Massive displacement of refugees, creating severe humanitarian emergencies.
  • Widespread vengeance-seeking group grievance.
  • Chronic and sustained human flight.


  • Uneven economic development along group lines.
  • Severe economic decline.


  • Criminalization and/or delegitimization of the state.
  • Deterioration of public services.
  • Suspension or arbitrary application of law
  • widespread human rights abuses.
  • Security apparatus operating as a “state within a state”.
  • Rise of factionalized elites.
  • Intervention of external political agents.


Abyei town lying in ruins

Food for thought:

Now that is the whole Sudan. How about North Sudan alone? How about South Sudan alone?

position would South Sudan be supposed it were ranked this year?

How about next
year, how will we (ROSS) rank?

By the way, US is Number 158 whereas UK is 161. Why not 176 and 177
respectively? The last country in the world is Norway, which is the best one,
at the 177th position.

This is why I feel Sudan has been demonted indeed!

Nuba on fire from SAF bombs

For more about Sudan’s position in 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, click the following link: