Shock grips Jonglei as family tortures their bride to death over forced marriage!

JONGLEI: One girl killed, another tortured for bridegroom against their family – Sudan Tribune: Plural news and views on Sudan.

WEAKLEAKS Condemns murder of bride in Jonglei State!

It is a fact well known that in a Dinka community, if a girl is born beautiful, a cattle camp is born bountiful. That explains the logic why Dinka and other pastoral communities of South Sudan keep their girls at home, even during these days of human rights: that include girl-child’s rights to education and freedom of expression; a fact they have turned into their own ‘freedom of oppression’.

Weakleaks is terribly troubled by the news from an online news source, Sudan Tribune, breaking the shocking news of the murdered bride, one 18-year-old Akoy Madol Barach who hailed from Kolnyang Payam, Bor County of Jonglei State.

Agot Ngong Oka, a survivor of the torture that claims the life of her cousin sister in the hands of her relatives due to elopement, displays to journalists the killer bruises on her back in Bor clinic.

                                                                                                                                                                                 According to Thon Aleu, the late Akoy was tortured to death on Feb. 28, 2011, and her cousin surviving with deadly bruises by their family over eloping with a young man of their (Akoy’s) choice.

This is the third time a murder of a girl by torture is reported within 5 months. The first shocking report was made by the same source of a certain girl who committed suicide in Wulu County when she was being forced to marry a man she hated. And another girl tortured to death by a brother who suspected her of having been impregnated in school in Rumbek East County.

 SURIVOR VICTIM (Jonglei): “I got a call when I was about to eat. They forced me to move where Akoy was and ordered us to remove all clothes and lay us flat on the ground with face down. Four people, two with each of us, came with ropes, one on each side and begin to beat us. After about 30 minutes, blood was flowing all over the body but no one cared. I tried my best to escape but they caught me after some minutes. They continued beating us till we were unconscious. I recovered and Akoey died the following morning, yesterday”.

“After beating us, they told us to sit naked on cow dung ashes on the floor, for investigations, but no way could sit because the maimed buttocks were bleeding continuously and to them, that was another way of violating their orders”, Agot Ngong, the survive tells her ordeal to Sudan Tribune in Bor.

Though the father and brother of the murdered bride are in prison, Weakleak feels that that imprisonment is not enough. Something beyond keeping such animalistic human sellers (for bride price) just to enjoy resting and chatting in prison, must be done, and be done now.

For more about such bride murders, follow this link:,37499

In Rumbek East County of Lakes State, it was reported early late last year by Manyang Mayom, that a similarly murdered girl said to her mother before she died of torture wounds from the hands of her brother who accused her of being pregnant:

VICTIM (Rumbek): “If I die, I’d need the general community and the public to know that this young man killed me innocently.”

Her claims were corroborated by a post-mortem, which showed that she was not pregnant the commissioner said.

For a full report about a teenager who committed suicide in Wulu County due to forced and early marriage, click the following link:

This beautiful taposa bele was married off a teen and is pregnant of her first child. Photo by Peter Malir/SCYMI, 2008

The following poems from the author’s poetry book, ‘The Black Christs of Africa’ illustrate something akin this theme:

Poem 138

Born for Sale no more

No more in these days a mother gives birth

To cows, goats, chickens…

Girl, yes, is married,

But no, not by merit,

But by Stephen’s stipends:

A heir who’d for all his life lived in the berth.

No more are those days a mother gave birth

To goatherds, eunuchs, slaves;

Yes, they were trained,

Their brains so drained,

To daily toil not for themselves:

But for their masters, operators of the berth.

These are the days, the days of acute dearth,

When slaves have become masters;

No longer carrying baskets

In the markets, but muskets

Against former masters by maskers:

Freedom diehards who ‘d struggle to death.

Poem 104

The Part B of my Lover


She calls me honey, eyeing my money.

As my pocket has money, her socket has honey.

She’s there to wait as I’m there to sweat.

She kisses me, sweetie, whence I’ve a thing sweet.


I’m my father-in-law’s debtor, but his daughter my doubter;

For once I glow horny, she’d grow thorny.

Lo! My background he searches, my foreground she researches.

Damn, that is her Part B, which cannot be!



Poem 104

Our babes, how do we eat them?


We are topping the world in terms of beauties,

For whom we do even know not their duties.

Let naively a ruralized parent wonders,

This my daughter, how do I eat her!

An urbanized parent also ponders,

My daughter, how do I feed her?


In the periphery of our civilization,

 A family focuses on the bride wealth.

But not really her wealth but her health

Takes the most budget in the globalization.

When a girl is born a cow is born, for instance,

Very commonplace with pastoral transhumance.



We all have sisters and daughters, very charming ones! Have you ever looked at one of them and wonder, “How do I eat this one?” As a common language for a Dinka parent, implying that a female child is wealth to the family.

Malual Jackdit

Article: Modeling, a new industry for S. Sudan

Column: This Generation

The Younique Generation Magazine

July 2010.




Poem 105

Woman Beings


Treat us humane.

Women are human.

Not only males are urbane.

Why mostly men are urban?


We are wimmin,

Why treat us as vermin?

Why make us underdogs,

Yoking us with loads of logs!


So conditioned that when our gods enter homesteads,

Wielding their clubs, clearing their throats with threats,

“You women, who is at home?” Then very slowly and lowly

In unison we echo, “Sorry, nobody at home, it’s we women only!”


Now what animal is a human,

And who co-created human beings?

Is it not woman, regarded not human?

So woman beings are real human beings.


Now what mammal is a woman?

W.O.MAN, not just  ‘Wife of Man”.

In this world of masculinism vs feminism,

Better call us wimmin, the best euphemism.



But in relationships among the Lord’s people, women are not independent of men, and men are not independent of women. For although the first woman came from man, all men have been born from women ever since, and everything comes from God.

St. Paul

1 Corinthians 11:11

Holy Bible