Talent Extravaganza with the ‘!Miracle Suddancers!’

Talent Extravaganza with the ‘!Miracle Suddancers!’

WEAKLEAK: At the closing day of the Gemtel Promotionn Campaign in Torit, the capital of Eastern Equatoria State, Ugandan dancers hired by USTASS for this purpose were stunned by a discovery of a new talent therein. “Wow, John, I think we have lost our job!” wondered Miss Julie, a dancer of the group.

Becky of the Miracle Suddancers stuns the crowd with her acrobat bat styles in Bor, Feb. 16. The old man besides her is tempted to attempt to imitate her!

Thanks to Gemtel and USTASS for making it possible to excavate the hibernating talent in the youth of South South, a treasure buried for centuries. In the final show of a weeklong campaign, Zimbo Jok and DJ Virus sent the crowd wowing as they raised dust at dusk.

Zimbo, being a former member of the Kenya’s top dancing competition school, Sakata, had to scatter the hopes of the rest of the competitors in that historical town. “I and three other members had not gone below 7 marks, especially with Wyre, a renowned dancing judge (musician) in Nairobi,” confessed Mr. Zimbo. 

At the end, he walked away with a fully connected Gemtel solar phone, an umbrella and a T-shirt, in addition to the first round of gifts he won in the pre-liminaries. The most important gift Zimbo bagged home is a full membership in the Miracle Suddancers’ troupes, sponsored by USTASS. He joined his fellow Miracle Suddancers the following week for the rest of the southern states’ tour.

Zimbo receives his gifts (solar phone/umbrella) from USTASS Executive Director in Torit on the closing of the promo, Feb.25.

The first runner-up was DJ Virus, awarded a fully connected phone, courtesy of USTASS’s MC, Capt. Mayay (aka: Capt. Adil Amam) and an umbrella. He also got a membership among the Miracle Suddancers but based in Torit where he is running his shop.

“From now on, these two guys have not only become members of Miracle Suddancers but have won the favour of USTASS,” declared, John Penn de Ngong, USTASS Executive Director. ‘The Favour of USTASS’ is translated into benefits of a full member, which include sponsorship and regular attending of USTASS performances in Juba or any other state.

 On Tuesday, February 22, 2011, the launching attracted many talents, among whom Akongo Winnie, 12, starred and won for herself a Gemtel T-shirt, a cap and an umbrella, and most importantly, a full year scholarship support from USTASS’s MC-cum-DJ, Peter Garang de Ngarjok: aka Southern Voice. A tough English-speaking Akongo hails from Torit East School, and is a Lotuho by tribe.

Akongo Winnie, the winner of the Torit talent launch competition being congratulated by USTASS' Royal Flash girls, Feb. 23.

By the end of the nation-wide multi-promotional tour, USTASS is going to launch the Miracle Suddancers project in Juba in early April, 2011. The training and recruitment is ongoing at the moment. USTASS and Gemtel team are amazed by the uniqueness of the South Sudanese young talents.

With the four promotional and talent scouting tours made already to Yei (Morobo, Kaya), Juba, Bor and Torit, USTASS vision and mission are dawning. For more about USTASS dreams, look at the first intro paragraphs of USTASS concept paper from our sister blog: ustassgroup.wordpress.com


USTASS Tools for Talent Scouting (concept paper excerpts from www.ustassgroup.wordpress.com)

Young dancers crisscross legs at Malou cattle camp during a Miracle Suddancers talent search by USTASS/Gemtel

The marginalized peoples of Sudan have just discovered that they are ranking high among the richest in the world in mineral deposits in their land; but there are even more potential riches not yet explored and exploited—the talent deposits in their youths and children. Fossilized over centuries of multi-national colonial succession, wars and ignorance, the variety of talents in the Sudanese youths is now ripe but not fully prepared for tapping. 

In the pre-colonial and colonial periods, the Sudanese children and youths used to invest their talents in traditional recreational activities as passed on by their older generations.  Popular native talents such as wrestling, hunting, mock fighting, music and dance, etc. were solely communal and non-commercial. These later translated into civil wars in the wake of slave trade trailed by foreign exploitation and domination.

For over half a century now, the Sudanese youths, especially in the South and the marginalized areas of the Sudan, have dedicated – hence wasted – a great deal of their time and talents in the successive wars of liberation. Following the comprehensive peace agreement signed in 2005 between the warring parties in the

Zimbo Jock, a new Miracle Suddancer contorts in Torit's Freedom Park

south and north, there is an urgent need and demand to excavate the

IT'S A MIRACLE! This is how USTASS acquired the name 'Miracle Suddancers' from wondering members of the crowd/fans.

 hibernating wealth in the surviving young generation of Southern Sudan in particular, and Sudan in general. The tools for exploiting this are the youths themselves through their talent scouting organizations such as USTASS.



Objectives, Vision and Mission statements for the organization (USTASS)

Vision:  A Southern Sudanese talented youth who is able to professionally and profitably tap and use his or her natural ability and national capability for the betterment of himself or herself and their community.

Mission: To spot and support latent talents and provide a mouthpiece to the marginalized natural abilities and national capabilities among the young people of Southern Sudan, based on what they can do best.


Our Right to Write


1-      To build an academy for talent development in Southern Sudan and carry out talent spotting and supporting activities among the young generation of Southern Sudan (The Little Doves Academy & Centertainment Theatre).

2-      To foster unemployed talents among the youths; especially writers and journalists, teachers and preachers (speakers) artists and artistes, etc.  into creating – rather than seeking – jobs for themselves through personal talents such as writing books, magazines, newspapers, teaching language, promoting music, drama, poetry, sports, etc.

3-      To provide a mouthpiece through open, public and media campaign to the most marginalized professionals and talents, especially the young journalists and writers (scribes), teachers and preachers (speakers), actors & actresses, artists and artistes, etc., who in turn will use their talents to promote peace and the basic rights of the peoples of Southern Sudan in particular, and of Sudan in general.

4-      To provide a resource centre (multi-media/multi-talent) and consultancy forum for arts, language and literature (culture) development in Southern Sudan and/or in Sudan.

5-      To liaise the talented youths with the government, communities and NGOs inside and outside Southern Sudan.

6-      To campaign against any negative habits such as drug abuse, sex abuse, alcoholism, tribalism/racism, bullying, corruption, gender-based violence, and many other social evils among the youths in schools, communities, etc.

NO PENTECOSTAL PRAYERS HERE: They are suffering from Jock's shocks (Zimbo's miraculous contortions)

  The five star goals of USTASS

  • spotting and supporting potential individual talents
  • Organizing music shows and sports activities
  • scouting and cheerleading in major functions and ceremonies
  • staging infotainment activities to the needy and vulnerable groups
  • volunteering for community services and nation call

The five star pillars of USTASS

  • sports scouts
  • artiste scouts (musicians)
  • artist scouts (painters/sculptors, etc.)
  • writer scouts
  • cheer leaders, fans & Cub Club

The five star services by USTASS

  • producing and marketing music of artistes and paintings of artists
  • training and promoting sports stars
  • marketing and promoting products of young writers
  • cheering and supporting performers in action
  • offering  leisure and other services to the community

The five star values of USTASS

  • Teamwork and solidarity
  • quality and equality
  • ability and agility
  • honesty and modesty
  • Hard work and Heart work

 The five star principles for USTASS

  • membership by talent and qualification
  • benefits by input and output
  • Age and sage limits
  • Moral discipline
  • impartiality in the service

    A phone winner congratulates himself in Bor during a Gemtel/USTASS Promotion, Feb. 14.