Bishop Roric’s six-year sleep on NCP bed is so damaging!

A few Southerners, e.g. Gabriel Roric Jur, a former NIF intelligence officer, and former Rumbek Diocese Bishop, who refused to relocate to the South and opted for his new denomination (reformed ECS), are now waking up in less than two weeks to the new nation, just to say like this in a half-sleep dream:

RORIC (NCP-Southern Sector): “How can there be two countries whose boundaries have not been drawn. How can there be two countries yet discussions over post referendum arrangements have not been settled. How can there be two countries yet discussions over citizenship, money and wealth sharing have not been resolved,”

"The old south is gone, never to return again!" Martin Luther King Jr.

Sudan is too good to be subjected to calls for secession.”

WEAKLEAK: He did this because he has been sleeping on too soft mattress and drinking too soft drinks in Khartoum while his people were starving in the bushes of the South. Can anybody volunteer there to tell him that oil and soil from which he siphoned his kin and kith’s blood are now being part of the pre-independent South?

RORIC: “Our history is unique and unifying history. It talks about different tribes as of part of Sudan and that no single region would mean anything to itself without the other.”

WEAKLEAK: As he condemned those campaigning on the basis of region and religion as only bent on dividing the country which has been a unitary state since independence, his boss, Bashir felt victim, but before we quote Bashir below, look at Roric again:

RORIC: “Do I need to tell you what some of the senior SPLM leaders have been saying about you? Let’s remain united as Sudanese. Using regionalism to divide us is antiquated and unacceptable. I cannot say I should just belong to the South or lakes stake because what is region without the support of other region?”

WEAKLEAK: Roric’s self-consoling belief that our history is unique and unifying history is satisfactorily answered by his boss, Bashir in his last week’s speech, thus:

But the opaque talk [about] the Sudanese people, I don’t know what…is multi-racial and multi-religious, the [Islamic] Shari’a will be the main source for lawmaking….and Arabic language will the official language of the state as will be stipulated in the upcoming constitution,” Bashir added. “If god forbids, the South separates [then] the constitution will be amended [and] a lot of things relating to the South will go away.”

 RORIC: “Those calling for secession now were the same people who supported the idea of New Sudan. What is this political confusion? Why are individuals creating confusion? They say one thing as unionists in Khartoum and another as separatists in Juba why.”

WEAKLEAK: Your Lordship/Your Excellency, Rt. Rev. Gen. Roric, in the recent past, it was the SPLM/A driving the marginalized people in search for their freedom. Now the reverse is happening, while you are still in your history in Khartoum, the Southern population are forcing the SPLM into doing their will. For your information, when it was the bullet, the SPLM/A ran the show, now that it is the ballot, the southern democratic masses are running their show. So you have been to the South, let’s know what you found out:

RORIC: “I am from the south and have been to the south on several occasions to see the real situation on the ground. In the south, people are one. They see themselves as Sudanese. The separation talks are not heard from ordinary people. They are heard from politicians, particularly members of the SPLM.

During the war, Southerner would die of hunger while the Arab is enjoying his life on the very resources of the dying people. Roric, take note of this picture taken in Bor in 1994, when thousands died of starvation in the Arab-controlled towns.

“We also hear more about this in the newspapers. You know sometimes people can exaggerate issues. People there (south Sudan) are not for that kind of thing.”

WEAKLEAK: From your assessment, we shall not waste our time correcting you, let the readers and the votes of the Southern Sudanese prove to you in just lest than 14 days from now.

RORIC:  “I think it is important that the central government be give enough time to fully implement some of the remaining issues in the comprehensive peace agreement instead of backtracking with campaigns for separation. If President Bashir and the leadership of the national congress party are committed to implementing why not give chance?”

“So, allow us time to study this matter. We don’t want to rush things,” he said.

WEAKLEAK: Rev. General Roric, your Bashir and Company have been given all the six years that Bashir and sycophants like you signed to do ‘some of the remaining things’ you said. Now that we are left with 14 days to go, how relevant is your claim for more time? Less than two weeks to go, are you coming? Or you still clinging on elusive unity which you and your Judases are forging from the Late Dr. Garang.

RORIC: “One of the few Sudanese who attracted me to politics included late John Garang. John was a shining star because he had unitary vision,”

“He had the vision to unite Sudan and Africa as continent. His position on unity was a great position and helped very much to keep the movement. He had support of the whole world including the Arab league.”

WEAKLEAK: Yes, you are right, Dr. Garang and the SPLM/SPLA fought for the liberation of not the land but the marginalized peoples of the Sudan, wherever they are. But when your likes got stuck in your modern Egypt while the exodus was taking place, we changed our minds, especially after having seen we have liberated enough. If you still do not understand this, then look at your role model (Garang)’s statement:

I and those who joined me in the bush and fought for more than twenty years have brought to you CPA in a golden plate. Our mission is accomplished.  It is now your turn, especially those who did not have a chance to experience bush life. When time comes to vote at referendum, it is your golden choice to determine your fate. Would you like to vote to be second class citizens in your own country it is absolutely your choice.”

Relevant poems from ‘The Black Christs of Africa”

Poem 41

They are crostitutes!


From south to north,

From east to west,

From south-east to north-west,

From north-east to south-west,

They do cross,

And crisscross,

Confusing us between here and there,

Confusing them between there and here,

Between north and south,

Between east and west.

With this rate of political prostitution

By means of geopolitical crostitution,

They are not prostitutes,

They are hot crostitutes!

Whoever wishes to avoid becoming dizzy must try to find out the swing’s law of motion. We seem to be faced with a pendulum movement in history, swinging from absolutism to democracy, from democracy back to absolute dictatorship.

Arthur Koestler,

Darkness at  Noon.


Poem 24

Dear Cartoons in Cart-tombs


I know you do not know

That you are still in Egypt.

That’s why I invite you now

For an exodus to in masses exit.

I know you do not know

That you are the wall of the great Jericho,

The human shield around that blazing snow,

In which you do not hear any external echo.

I know you do not know

That the political geckos cram you into social ghettos,

In tomb-shaped structures like terraces of potatoes,

Easier for indoctrination with their Shari’a law.

I know you do not know

That we have already resolved in the South,

To part way with those turbaned cartoons of the North,

Who force your women to dress like our war widow.

I know you do not know

That in their class lists you fall third row,

That they make you in your homed cartons

Live like animated Cart-tomb’s cartoons.

How about those people? How about those guys? How about those ones? How about those other guys I see with their heads wedged among aliens?  How will they be? Will they not have their testicles sliced off like the proverbial man who had wedged his head into the elephant’s (carcass) stomach? Better, better the elephant hunter, for he avenged himself with his sharp spear? How about you, what will you avenge yourselves with? Eh, count me out if…!           

Akutkuei Music Group.

How About Those Ones…? (Translated from Dinka by the author).

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